Gift Pack "Nobleza" 3,235 kg

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A complete selection of 1880 Turrón, chocolates and sweets, all presented in a luxury fancy wooden box. Every single pack contains (1 unit of each product): Handmade Almond & Honey Soft Bar 1880/Handmade Almond & Honey Brittle Bar 1880/ Almond & Cinnamon Soft Bar 1880/Handmade Dark Chocolate with Almonds Bar 1880/Almond & Toasted Egg Yolk Bar 1880/Almond & Glazed Fruit Bar 1880/Almond & Honey Soft Bar 1880/Almond & Honey Brittle Bar 1880/ Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa with Almonds Bar 1880/Handmade Almond Delights 1880/Handmade Almond Crumble Cakes 1880/Marzipan Figures 1880/Milk Caramel Dark Chocolate Bonbon 70% cocoa 1880/Handmade Natural Almond and Honey bar 1880/Chocolate Milk & Almonds mini rounds 1880.

*Box Measurements: 61 x 35 x 12cm.